We are pleased to announce our latest set of successful project grant award winners.  Congratulations to the following academic and clinical researchers:


Principal Investigator Institution Project Title Grant awarded
Dr Magdalena Sastre  Imperial College London  The therapeutic effect of PGC1α at advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease in animal models of amyloid and tau pathology £264,595
Dr Sheena Ramsay Newcastle University  Identifying oral health markers of malnutrition and sarcopenia in older people in the community £212,617
Professor Tonia Vincent  University of Oxford  The HAILO splint: a remote compliance and force sensing splint for base of thumb osteoarthritis £176,367
Dr Stuart Gray University of Glasgow Resistance exercise training at different intensities in healthy and frail older people: A feasibility study £81,752
Professor Henry Houlden  University College London Genomic analysis of spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage; providing new insights into vascular and neurodegenerative mechanisms of dementia £74,850


We will be reporting back on the progress and impact of these projects in due course. In the meantime you can browse examples of current and past research grants here.