Founded in 1950, the Dunhill Medical Trust is a charity investing in innovation in the care of older people and research into the causes and treatments of disease, disability and frailty related to ageing. In total, it distributes around £5M per year in support of its objectives.                              

We currently have two vacancies on our Research Grants Committee for external advisors with expertise in geriatric medicine and/or stroke medicine. The Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board of Trustees.  The Committee meets formally four times per year and members will need to allocate time to score their allocation of grant applications via the Trust’s online Grants Management Portal between meetings.

Applicants will be selected based on the following general criteria:

  • Scientific ‘fit’ for the areas identified above and/or an interest in ageing research
  • Breadth of knowledge
  • Previous experience of grant assessment and committee work
  • Location – we are seeking broad representation across the UK
  • Gender and ethnicity balance

To apply, applicants are invited to read the External Advisor role description which provides more information and to then send a two side covering letter together with your CV (max. two sides) to Sarah Allport, Director of Grants and Research – no later than 2 March, 2018. Applicants must have the permission and support of their employer organisation before applying.