The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) are celebrating their 500 year anniversary in 2018. As part of their celebrations for reaching this milestone, they have appointed 13 Quincentennial lecturers, 2 of which are Dunhill Medical Trust Research Training Fellows: Dr Jatinder Minhas at the University of Leicester and Dr Nick Evans at the University of Cambridge.

On 8th February Jatinder delivered his Quincentennial lecture on ‘Intracerebral haemorrhage-is it all bad?’ at the ‘Update in Medicine, Loughborough’ conference.

On 22nd March Nick will deliver his Quincentennial lecture on ‘From vulnerable plaque to vulnerable brain – what does the future hold for stroke’ at the Update in Medicine, Cambridge’ conference.

Traditionally lectures at the regional ‘Update in Medicine’ conferences have been delivered by consultants, but to mark its 500 year history, the RCP decided to look at its future and offer this opportunity to trainee physicians instead. This ties in well with the Trust’s focus on supporting the career development of those committed to enhancing our understanding of the mechanisms of ageing and treating and preventing disease and frailty. The Trust recognises the importance of supporting early career researchers and is delighted that the RCP has also made this commitment in its 500th year.