We are pleased to announce our latest set of successful project grant award winners. Congratulations to the following academic and clinical researchers:


Principal Investigator Institution Project Title Grant awarded
Dr Amanda MacKenzie University of Bath Targeting molecular pathways leading to retinal dysfunction in Age-related Macular Degeneration £97,670.41
Dr Leigh Breen  University of Birmingham Understanding the role of obesity in the deterioration of skeletal muscle mass and quality in older age: New mechanistic insights £228,342.00
Professor Hazel Screen  Queen Mary University of London Identifying the causes of age-related tendon injury £190,374.37
Dr Aileen Crawford University of Sheffield A novel biomimetic osteochondral medical device to regenerate articular cartilage £161,535.68
Dr Andrew Keeling University of Leeds  3D printed dentures; development and assessment of cost-effective workflows to enhance clinical delivery £247,551.77
Dr Anastassia Angelopoulou University of Westminster  Automated diagnostic toolkit for dementia in ageing deaf users of British Sign Language (BSL) £65,173.09


We will be reporting back on the progress and impact of these projects in due course. In the meantime you can browse examples of current and past research grants here.