A new £multi-million initiative of the British Council and the British Embassy in Israel (BIRAX) investing in world-leading research jointly undertaken by scientists in Britain and Israel has been announced.

The partnership (which previously focused on Regenerative Medicine to which it committed almost £8 million to 19 cutting edge projects directly involving over 100 researchers in both countries) is supported by the Dunhill Medical Trust and is now turning its attention to ageing and has opened to proposals.

The Call is divided into two strands:

The effect of ageing on human health: preventive,  disease modifying and regenerative medicine approaches to medical conditions and the ageing process. BIRAX invites proposals addressing diverse effects of ageing on human health, exploring the basic mechanisms underlying ageing-related disease. The research proposals can address these issues using its environment. Multidisciplinary research plans based on synergising collaborations between the partnering researchers are recommended.

Proposals under this category should be relevant to at least one of the following research fields: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis, age related frailty and other geriatric syndromes and age related multimorbidity.

Ageing and Technology: precision medicine and big data in ageing research. Proposals under this theme will aim to identify innovative biomarkers, algorithms, computational and measurement techniques and to promote advances in precision medicine that would allow the prevention or mitigation of age related conditions or harmful effects associated with ageing. Proposals that build on effective collaboration between basic and clinical research and big data and those facilitating the translation of basic research to clinical practice will be prioritised.

The call’s documents and the online application form can be found on the British Council’s website.

The deadline for applications is 15 October, 22:00 GMT.

Please do let colleagues who may be interested know and monitor the King’s College London website to register for the upcoming BIRAX Ageing conferences (3-6 September).

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