Apply to the PhD Studentship Fund

Please answer the questions in the eligibility quiz before starting your application.   The eligibility quiz is in the drop-down box below. You will be asked to confirm formally that you have done so within the electronic application system.  If you need any advice or are unsure how to respond to any of these questions, please do contact us.
Eligibility Quiz

Are you an aspiring PhD student looking for funding to support your PhD studies?

The fund is intended for experienced PhD supervisors looking for financial support to fund PhD studentship opportunities.

If you are an allied health professional or clinician looking for PhD funding, please see whether you might be eligible for our Research Training Fellowship schemes.

This scheme is only open to experienced PhD supervisors who are applying on behalf of their institution for financial support to fund PhD studentship opportunities.

Do the project(s) you are proposing to fund match the Trust's objectives and focus for funding, as set out in our Research Funding Strategy - that is,understanding the mechanisms contributing to increased longevity and healthy ageing or improving the health, quality of life, environment for, or well-being of, older people?

Does your project address issues relating to cancer or heart disease?

Will your application provide details of the contribution (financial or in-kind) being provided by your institution?


Can you confirm that the studentships will be hosted by one of the following:

  • a higher education institution (HEI) within the UK;
  • an NHS Trust or hospital; Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); or GP practice which has formal academic links with a higher education institution (HEI) within the UK
  • an independent not-for-profit research organisation (IROs) within the UK which is established to conduct research for the public good and which place results in the public domain?

Can you confirm that the studentships you are seeking funding to support will result in the award of a higher degree such as PhD or MRes etc?

Now check our current deadlines. All applications will be reviewed and scored using a range of criteria based on the Trust’s strategic priorities, the clarity and strength of the proposal and value for money. If you’re confident that your project meets the eligibility criteria and that you can meet the deadlines, please now click on “Apply online”. You will be taken to our online application portal, where first time users will be asked to create an account before starting the application. For help with this, check our “how to” guide.

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Check current deadlines

Apply online

Go to Grants Management Portal, register and apply. Please ensure you are using the correct form – there are two, depending on whether you are applying for a single or multiple studentship.

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