Apply for a Building and physical infrastructure grant (community-based organisations)


Please answer the questions in the eligibility quiz before starting your application.   The eligibility quiz is in the drop-down box below. You will be asked to confirm formally that you have done so within the electronic application system.  If you need any advice or are unsure how to respond to any of these questions, please do contact us.

Eligibility Quiz

Does your project address issues relating to cancer or heart disease?


Does your application relate wholly or substantially to project(s) which benefit people aged 60 or over who live in the UK?


Are you a UK-based charity or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission ?


Do you operate in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?


Was the annual income for your charity greater than £25,000 and less than £10 million in its last set of published accounts ?


Have you at least one year of published accounts covering a twelve month operating period?


Do you currently hold a grant from the Dunhill Medical Trust?


Do you have a one year track record of direct service delivery?


Does your charity have its own bank account?


Are you are operating within your charity’s Registered Charitable Objects as set out in the charity's constitution?


Are you applying for a contribution to your core funding/running costs?


Does your application relate to the physical infrastructure of a hospice?


If you are applying for funding for a building project (new build or alteration), have you secured 50% of the overall cost?

Now check our current deadlines.  We have 2 funding deadlines per year.

All applications will be reviewed and scored using a range of criteria based on the Trust’s strategic priorities and the clarity and strength of the proposal by the Community Grants Committee, suitably experienced members of which, will rank the applications using a range of criteria based on the Trust’s strategic priorities.  The highest ranked applications, falling within the funding budget for the round will be recommended to the Board of Trustees for approval.

If you’re confident that your project meets the eligibility criteria and that you can meet the deadlines, please now click on “Apply online”. You will be taken to our online application portal, where first time users will be asked to create an account before starting the application. For help with this, check our “how to” guide.

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