Policies and documents for grants for community-based organisations


Any offer of a Grant from the Trust is subject to the Terms and Conditions below.  By accepting the award of any grant offered by the Trust, the Grant Holder agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, and also agrees that in the event of a breach of the terms, the Trust will be entitled to withdraw the grant and to repayment of any unused portion of the sums awarded under the grant. Where appropriate, the Trust will require the Grant Holder to enter into a formal Grant Deed containing these provisions.  We encourage you to read this document carefully before applying for or accepting a grant from the Trust.

Terms and conditions of award for community-based organisations (updated 18-05)

The Trust is keen to track the outcome of the projects it has supported (either wholly or in part) and it is part of the Terms and Conditions of grant awards that this support is acknowledged appropriately by grant holders.

Publications in professional journals etc

As a guide to authors of publications arising from our grants, it is recommended that the following standard text be adopted:

“This work was supported by The Dunhill Medical Trust.”

The Dunhill Medical Trust” should be written out in full (including an upper case “T” in “The”).

Other media

We encourage you to share the practical outcomes and impact of your work as widely as possible and to acknowledge the support of your funders: This work was supported by The Dunhill Medical Trust.  We’d be grateful for copies of any press releases.  We like to feature successes on our website and will approach you if we intend to feature your story and obtain permission to use any images etc.

Social media

If you’re tweeting about your funded project, please use our Twitter handle, which is @dunhillmedical.

Please do follow us and let us have your Twitter handle so that we may follow you.

You may also follow us on Linked-in.



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