Grant award management for community based organisations

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We are open to discuss:

  • adapting their activities – that is, re-directing their project funding to supporting their core activities in delivering support services to their communities;
  • reporting requirements – changing reporting deadlines so as not to put additional pressure on these organizations when they have other things to do;
  • financial flexibility – moving funds between budget lines – again to allow them to re-direct funds to where they are most needed.

In addition, if it becomes apparent during the conversation that small amounts of additional funding (up to £5k) could make a big difference to supporting their work with older people during the crisis then we have the flexibility to award new funding.

This guide is for the recipients of a grant for Community-based organisations.

All of our grants are now managed through the online Grants Management System.

For grants awarded from December 2017 (grant references prefixed CPG, BIG or CDG) you will have applied via the online Grants Management System and should use those login details to manage your grant.

For grants awarded before December 2017 (you will have a grant reference with a prefix of N) your grant has been transferred to the online Grants Management System and an account created for you. If you did not receive the communication regarding this or are unsure of your login details, please contact us.

COVID-19: information for community grant holders

We will guarantee up to 6 months’ support with a 3-month review (or sooner if necessary).

We are open to discuss:

  • adapting your activities – that is, re-directing your project funding to supporting your core activities in delivering support services to your community;
  • reporting requirements – we will change reporting deadlines so as not to put additional pressure on you;
  • financial flexibility – we will allow you to move funds between budget lines – again to allow you to re-direct funds to where they are most needed.

We may also be able to award small additional sums (up to £5k) to existing award-holders to further enable you to direct services to where they are most needed during this challenging time.

Please get in touch to discuss with us what you need.

How do I submit a financial statement?

For project grants, the next instalment of your grant award is dependent on us receiving a satisfactory progress report and a financial statement for the previous year.

For building and infrastructure grants, we usually only require a financial statement with the final report. We will advise you separately if we need anything different from you.

My grant was awarded prior to December 2017

You will need to complete the financial statement form emailed to you with the reminder that your report is due. When you complete your progress or final report on the online Grants Management System, there is a section at the end that allows you to upload this completed statement and return it to us.  

My grant was awarded in or after December 2017

You will need to detail the grant expenditure made during the previous year via the online Grants Management System. Instructions on how to do this are provided here (.pdf). To do this, you will need to log on to the system with the details you provided when the application was made. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

How do I advise you of changes to my project or to our organisation?

We appreciate that as projects progress, changes occasionally need to be made.  We encourage you strongly to let us know of any changes as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the next reporting period.

If you need to move funds between budget headings, for example, then you will need to make the request in advance to ensure that there is no delay when processing your next grant payment. Please email your request to your grants officer or, including details of the amount to be moved and the reasons why the request is being made.

Please note that all requests to change the grant must be made by the named grant holder.

How do I tell you about the progress I am making with my project?

Project Grants

The terms of your grant offer require you to provide a yearly update on how your project is progressing.  Your final report must be received three months after the end of the grant.  The purpose of the progress report is to allow you to update the Trust on how the project is progressing, and any changes or difficulties that you have encountered. The final report is more in depth and allows you to report more fully on the findings of your project and any follow-on funding, tangible impact or new developments resulting from your work. We use the information that you provide in your final report to measure the impact of our funding schemes and to develop future funding strategies.

Before starting your project, you will have agreed a payment and reporting schedule which details when you need to submit your progress and final report. You will receive a reminder by email one month prior to the report’s due date. The email will contain a link to the report in the online Grants Management System which you will need to complete by the agreed date.  

Building and infrastructure grants

In most cases we will only require a final report. (We will have agreed with you in advance whether interim progress reports are also required). When submitting a progress or final report, you will also need to complete a financial statement showing how the grant has been spent. Please see the section on completing a financial statement for more details.
How do I tell you about achievements between reporting periods?
We warmly welcome updates from you at any time and we like to feature your successes in the Work in Action section on our website. If you are using social media, we ask that all tweets include @DunhillMedical and that any literature (brochures, flyers, leaflets) and presentations include our logo and an acknowledgment of the funding. Our logo can be obtained by emailing the grant officer assigned to your grant or


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