Steps to complete in ORCID before starting your application

ORCID is short for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  It gives researchers and authors a single unique ID which works across the research landscape.

In common with a number of other major funders, we now require all lead applicants for Research project grants to provide an ORCID iD when completing an application form in our Grants Management Portal. Applicants who don’t have an ORCID iD can register for one.

Having a complete ORCID profile can help reduce administrative work in making grant applications. Rather than inputting your education, employment history, publication and funding record every time you apply for a grant, you need only keep your ORCID profile up to date. ORCID member organisations will link to this and in most cases, be able to auto-populate these fields in their application forms, as long as you have given them permission to do so, as a trusted organisation.

Please now complete these three steps before starting your application.

1. Register for an ORCID iD


  1. First name (required): Your given or first name. You will be able to add your middle name or other names after you have registered. For more information about names see Names and the ORCID Registry.
  2. Last name: Your family or last name. This field is not required as ORCID is a global service and supports all naming conventions, including those without a last or family name.
  3. Email (required): Your email address, entered twice for confirmation. You will use your email address to log into the ORCID registry. Once you have registered, you may include additional emails addresses in your account. If you have already registered for an ORCID iD with the email you provided, a red warning message will appear. You are unable to create a second account using the same email address, but you can log in using that email address. If you no longer remember your password go to You will also see this red warning message if you previously deactivated an account with the email address you provided. In this case, contact us to reopen a deactivated account.
  4. Password (required): A password of your choice, you must enter it twice to confirm it. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain both a number and an alpha character or symbol. For more information about what can be included in a password click the question mark icon next to the password box. As you type a password, it will be given a rating. Only passwords rated as “Good” or “Strong” will be accepted by the system.


2. Grant permission to access your profile

Please set your ORCID profile to “public” so that your profile data appear in your application form.  For more about privacy settings, see ORCID’s guidance.


3. Complete your profile

The Dunhill Medical Trust uses your ORCID profile to auto-populate the following questions on the application form:

  • Degrees and professional qualifications.  In ORCID this is called “Education”.
  • Postgraduate career (please provide details of your last 3 positions, starting with the most recent).  In ORCID this is called “Employment”.
  • Current/most recent externally funded grants you have held as the lead applicant.  In ORCID, this is called “Funding”.
  • Peer-reviewed publications (please list your (relevant) publications from the last 10 years).  In ORCID, this is called “Works”.

There is no option to input these mandatory pieces of data directly into our application form so it is essential that your ORCID profile is up to date to enable the application form to be auto-populated.

Help with your ORCID profile

ORCID has published a range of help, including a suite of videos to help you with common issues such as changing your password, editing your personal details and updating your publication list.


Register for ORCID

Apply online

Go to Grants Management Portal, register and apply

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