PhD Studentship Fund

Applications to this fund are invited from experienced PhD supervisors within academic departments/centres which focus on, or whose institution supports them in a strategic plan to focus on, ageing-related research.  Potential PhD students looking for personal financial support should not apply. If you are a clinician or allied health professional please see our Research Training Fellowships scheme. We particularly welcome applications that can be part funded by the host institution either financially (from university internal funds or funding from industry or other trusts, foundations or charities etc.) or in kind through the provision of services and/or facilities or tuition fee waiver. If successful, the host institution will be responsible for the selection of suitable PhD candidates whose projects will be in the Trust’s areas of focus. While applications can be made for a single studentship, preference will be given to proposals which contribute to the support of several studentships. This allows the host institution to demonstrate their long-term commitment to ageing-related research or their demonstrably supported institutional plans to develop a commitment. The fund is designed to be flexible and could, for example, support a number of stipends for otherwise self-funding students, or a mini-subject-focused doctoral training centre which is supported by funding from a range of sources. Applications should demonstrate a creative use of funds, value for money, support and mentorship for the students and a commitment to the subject matter. International students can be supported but DMT places full reliance on residential eligibility approval checks having been undertaken by the host organization and the host institution will be responsible for covering the difference between home and international tuition fees. Studentships must be completed at any recognised university department or other recognised research centre within the UK with the appropriate capacity, research record and governance arrangements to ensure that the research will be able to be carried out to the required standard. The Trust has no specific geographical link and will consider supporting applications from anywhere within the UK. While the Trust aims to ensure equitable access to grants across the UK, applications will be considered on merit alone. The supervisors must have successful track records in PhD completion, be prepared to commit sufficient time to ensure that the student(s) supported via this funding receive a thorough grounding in research methods, both in theory and practice and wider career development support. Supervisors should ensure that an appropriate programme of training is proposed. The supervisors should also advise and guide the applicant in the development of a suitable research project to be undertaken during the period of the studentship.  The host institution will be responsible for ensuring that the student has sufficient resource to carry out the project.

The PhD Studentship Fund is intended to support UK universities and research institutions to offer PhD studentships to those planning to pursue a research career in understanding the underpinning mechanisms of ageing, the treatment of age-related diseases and frailty or improving health and social care for older people.

Up to two awards, each of  a maximum of £200k are available.  This could cover, for example, a single fully-funded studentship encompassing:

  • PhD stipend (at an appropriate rate, dependent on the location of the higher education institution and pro-rated if part-time)
  • Tuition fees (UKRI home rates)
  • an additional amount to cover research expenses (other course fees; travel; consumables; small equipment etc.)


We would particularly welcome applications that can provide financial support for several studentships as part of a strategic commitment to ageing-related research and be part funded by the host institution either financially or in kind through the provision of services and/or facilities or tuition fee waiver.

If you are applying for a single fully-funded studentship, it may be undertaken on a full-time three year basis or part-time (up to six years). If you are applying for an award to contribute to funding a number of studentships, the fund will be paid on demonstration of the studentships being advertised and be subject to a commitment to a making reports on progress against an agreed schedule.

Join our early career researchers’ network All of our aspiring researchers, including those funded jointly with our partners, are automatically invited to join our growing network of those who have chosen to develop a career in ageing-related research.  Those appointed as research assistants on any of our Research Programme Grants may also join.

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