Amersham United Charities

Award amount: £25,000

Organisation: Amersham United Charities

This grant was awarded to contribute towards the cost of replacement staircases, as part of the renovation of the Miss Harriet Day’s Almshouses.

The Miss Day’s Almshouses, which comprised nine terraced cottages, were in great need of modernisation, as the rooms were too small and staircases were steep and twisty and were therefore difficult and potentially dangerous for older residents to use. The kitchens were not big enough for modern appliances and the cottages also had no dining area, meaning residents had to use a temporary dining table instead.

The renovation plans included installing a downstairs toilet, a dining area and straight stairs to an upstairs bedroom, which would allow residents to fit a stair-lift, if necessary. The bedroom, kitchen and lounge areas were also enlarged; made possible by removing one middle cottage and extending the cottages on either side. For the other cottages, extensions were possible at the rear. The charity also improved the energy efficiency of the cottages with the insulation of the walls.

Work was completed on a rotational basis to ensure minimum disruption to residents.

These renovations have resulted in a much more suitable and safer living environment for their older residents. They are now fit for modern living and will ensure that their older residents can remain in their homes for longer.