Camphill Devon Community

Award amount: £25,000

Organisation: Camphill Devon Community

This grant was awarded to contribute towards the cost of the Merlin House extension, which was designated as accommodation for the older residents of Camphill Devon.

Camphill Devon provides accommodation and support to adults with a learning disabilty. The charity offers residential accommation in six houses, one of which is Merlin House.

The extension of Merlin House was required because in the last couple of years four of their older residents have had to leave Camphill Devon, as the accommodation was no longer suitable. Most of these residents had lived at Camphill Devon since the inception of the Community in 1979 and therefore the move was particularly hard for them. To ensure that no more of their residents had to leave prematurely, Camphill Devon decided to add an extension to Merlin House specifically for their older residents.

The extension includes 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor, as well as two additional bedrooms on the first floor and some communal rooms. The rooms in this extension differ to other bedrooms in that they are fully disability compliant, allowing for wheelchairs, if needed. The design of the extension is also dementia friendly and includes a new accessible entrance to Merlin House as well.

All the rooms are now occupied and the extension has been warmly received by residents and staff:

One Merlin House resident on first sight of his new room: [big smile and…] “Lovely!

Another resident: “it is very big and very perfect.

Supported Living Support Worker: “I didn’t really see the point [of the project] until it was built, but I do now. In 10 years, when my client will be in his mid-60s, he might be a candidate for living here.

This extension allows Camphill Devon to continue to support residents as they become older and enhances the quality of the accommodation and facilities available.