Care & Repair England

Partnership type: Collaboration on policy development

Organisation: Care & Repair England

Care & Repair England a national charitable organization set up in 1986 to improve the homes and living conditions of older people, aims to forge new partnerships and stimulate fresh research in the health/ housing/ ageing field by bringing together leading researchers and key stakeholders and is supporting clusters of researchers and stakeholders to work together on research proposals and projects that have a practical application.

It launched its Catch  22 project in 2014 to encourage more academic researchers to undertake studies in the mainstream housing and ageing field. Catch 22 is so named because those delivering practical housing services for older people (e.g. adaptations and repairs) find themselves in a ‘Catch 22’ situation:

  • they are increasingly required to prove the impacts and financial gains (especially to the NHS/ Social Care) of housing intervention to service planners and commissioners based on academic research but
  • few academic bodies have/are undertaking such research,
  • without such evidence housing services risk being de-commissioned (and hence it becomes even harder to gather evidence….).

The Dunhill Medical Trust is delighted to be working with Care & Repair England in launching a call for proposals in support of this.

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