Principal Investigator: Dr Alison Lane

Lead institution: Durham University

Award amount: £68,644

This research team has developed a free training app, DREX (Durham Reading and Exploration Training) to help individuals with partial vision loss, most often a result of stroke.

The aim of this project is to gather information relating to the use of the app, to identify barriers to use, as well as looking at the factors that determine for whom the app is most successful, such as age, cause of visual loss and amount of training. It is intended that this will allow training to be targeted and used more effectively in the future.

There are lots of benefits of DREX, which make it particularly useful to the older population:

  • It runs on multiple devices, such as PCs, Android tablets and iPads and does not require a permanent internet connection. Many older individuals have limited computer literacy, but since touchscreen technology is more intuitive, these platforms can be less daunting for novices.
  • It requires no costly, specialist equipment or therapist supervision. It therefore allows patients to train easily at home, which is advantageous for a group of individuals who experience difficulties going out and finding their way to a clinic.

This app teaches patients to move their eyes more efficiently, helping them to compensate for the visual loss. This training can help individuals carry out everyday tasks, such as reading and shopping.

For more information:

DREX website

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