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Lead organisation: Picker

Picker, a leading international charity with expertise in research in the field of person centred care, has a history of supporting those working across health and social care systems measuring patient experience to drive quality improvement in healthcare. It has been commissioned to carry out a scoping study to support this workstream because the evidence linking standards and methods of education and training and care quality is currently unclear. The research will help the Trust to understand the current educational landscape, its latest developments and whether there might be certain groups of people delivering care to older people who may benefit from enhanced education and training, and what this might involve, with a view to working with a range of interested organisations to develop practical interventions.

Professor Rod Hay, former trustee and special advisor to the Dunhill Medical Trust, who is the Trust’s champion for this piece of work said “There are a number of complicated issues at play with regard to caring for older people which were outlined in the Francis Report.  These are exacerbated by the time and financial constraints experienced by medical professionals and social workers, but also crucially by differing recruitment practices, training standards and requirements for these staff.”

Understanding whether education, training and ongoing professional development is impacting patient experience is vitally important, as is understanding the role that workplace culture and staff engagement plays in older people’s care.

Read the report.


Read the report

Linked initiatives

Research Training Fellowship to University of Bristol

A Research Training Fellowship has been awarded to rigorously assess the attitudes and career paths of two cohorts of medical students from the University of Bristol, one of which will be undertaking the original curriculum and the other the updated curriculum. Additionally, the Fellow will carry out a UK survey of medical schools to contextualise the Bristol Medical School approach within the national landscape of undergraduate teaching and systematic reviews will be done to determine the current provision of geriatric medicine training globally.

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