Lucy Beishon

Lucy Beishon

Research Training Fellow

I have been working at the University of Leicester as a Clinical Research Fellow in Geriatric medicine, with an interest in cognitive disorders (i.e. dementia). I am particularly interested in how brain blood flow is altered or damaged in dementia and how this contributes to the development or progression of different types of dementia.

I am currently funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust on my research training fellowship project entitled ‘The Cognition & Flow Study: The effects of brain training on brain blood flow.’ This study aims to investigate the use of cognitive or “brain training “as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, and mild cognitive impairment, and as prevention in healthy older adults. This study will assess a range of outcomes, including mood, quality of life, and ability to carry out daily activities. The study will also look for any effects of brain training on brain blood flow before and after cognitive training to identify if blood supply to the brain can be improved in dementia by stimulating the brain on a regular basis with cognitive training. The study will be completed with a series of interviews to identify any benefits or difficulties with the programme that are not captured by the outcomes listed above.

In addition to my research work, I am also a specialist trainee in geriatric medicine and my long-term goal is to work as a geriatrician with clinical and research interests in dementia. In the future I plan to investigate the role of cognitive training, and the effects on brain blood flow in dementia, in a larger multi-centre study.

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