Mark McGlinchey

Mark McGlinchey

Research Training Fellow

My name is Mark McGlinchey. I am currently working as a clinical specialist physiotherapist in stroke and rehabilitation at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. I was awarded a Dunhill Medical Trust Research Training Fellowship in 2016 and the aim of my PhD is to investigate the quality of physical rehabilitation for survivors of severe stroke.

I have specialised in stroke care for over 15 years and have witnessed improved outcomes in stroke care due to stroke research, such as the development of stroke units. However, I have been concerned about the poor outcomes of people most significantly affected by stroke and the lack of evidence base to guide the management of this cohort of the stroke population. The DMT Research Training Fellowship will enable me to conduct clinically relevant research into this area of stroke care which, in time, will result in improved outcomes for survivors of severe stroke.

My previous research has explored the decision-making processes of physiotherapists working on a stroke unit and I am currently undertaking research with the stroke team at the Royal College of Physicians analysing the factors that influence physiotherapy delivery post-stroke. I am an allied health professional (AHP) representative on the London Stroke Strategic Clinical Leadership Group, which is responsible for the strategic development of stroke services across London. I am also assisting in the international development of stroke and neuro-rehabilitation services in Vietnam through teaching visits to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The support provided by the DMT Research Training Fellowship will enable me to develop my clinical academic research career in stroke care. I intend to be in a position where I can also build stroke and older people research capacity in AHP in addition to my proven success at building national and international clinical expertise. The DMT Research Training Fellowship will also provide me with a unique and timely opportunity to work with international leaders in stroke research.

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