Competition for medical students: 2019/20

“There’s potential for education to be quite transformative…but you’d have to work on the assertion that education can change behaviours and that’s challenging, we know that it can change knowledge, we know that it probably can change behaviours, although we’re not sure how it does that in a sustainable way. There’s probably something about how it also changes
attitudes as well, and if you actually start to look for good evidence of educational initiatives that really can change and modify attitudes to older people so that we become
less ageist as a system, I think that’s quite lacking… 

(Stakeholder, Picker Report)


Please note, this competition is now closed for 2019 and the winners have been announced. Details of the 2020/21 competition will be made available in spring 2020.

Following on from the publication of our report with Picker [1] on the current position regarding education and training in health and social care for our ageing population, we’re delighted to announce our new competition, in collaboration with the Medical Schools Council.

This competition is open to all medical students in all UK medical schools working as groups or as individuals. Each medical school is invited to run their own competition, for which we have provided a prize fund for each school (£300 for the winner and £100 for each of two runners-up). The winning entries from each school will be submitted to the team here at Dunhill Medical Trust and we will shortlist three entrants who will be invited to present their submissions to a “winner of winners” competition for which there will be an additional prize of £500.

Students are invited to read the report and design a teaching session that will engage their peers in the unique issues that arise when caring for older people, enabling them to develop skills or knowledge that will help in their future practice. The session should:

Explore one of these themes:
–– Communication
–– Patient-centred care
–– The relationship between social care and the wider NHS
–– Promotion of health and activity in older age
–– Addressing age discrimination

You can download details from the link on this page or contact us.



[1] a leading international charity with expertise in research in the field of person centred care, with a history of supporting those working across health and social care systems measuring patient experience to drive quality improvement in healthcare.


Competition poster and details