Partnership type: Research and community-based organisational development programme

Organisation: Nesta

The health and social care sector has become increasingly engaged in forming networks and “social movements” to help drive change, especially in issues tied to lifestyle factors, social connection and person-centred, holistic care.

The Trust is delighted to be collaborating with the Nesta Health Lab to fund, design and deliver a programme of activity which seeks to understand how community-based organizations, in particular, those working in the area of “people powered health”, influence positive real change – and what constitutes good help for them to do so.  This programme will:

  • test drive latest developments and thinking on what constitutes “good help” for networks of community-based organizations;
  • help understand their role and value in a thriving social sector which tries new ways of delivering services, while at the same time…
  • …provide some funding for a small group of them to help them on their way.

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