The Rickter Scale

The Rickter Scale is a tool designed by Keith Stead Associates to help organisations measure soft outcomes, distance travelled and impacts of an activity/intervention. The Rickter Scale provides 3D customised boards which service-users can give to beneficiaries for assessment of soft outcomes/impact. This provides beneficiaries with a tangible product which facilitates ownership and control of responses given. Moreover, the board features a simple numbered scale through which beneficiaries can rate feelings and thoughts related to a specific subject, improving communication skills and building confidence. The Rickter Scale can also be useful for identifying areas of improvement and thus planning of subsequent projects/activities.

The Rickter IMS is a data management tool that can be used alongside the Rickter Scale to record, monitor and generate reports on the information gathered through Rickter Scale sessions. This allows for the collection of data evidencing impact and will assist in impact reporting both internally and to external stakeholders.

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