Principal Investigator: Professor Martin Gulliford

Lead institution: King’s College London

Award amount: £112,965

This grant was awarded in 2015 and the project has recently reported some interesting results, which have been reported in an interview with one of the project team, Dr.Rathi Ravindrarajah of the Division of Health and Social Care Research, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King’s College London.

Clinical trials show that it is beneficial to lower systolic blood pressure (SBP) in adults aged 80 and over, but non-randomized epidemiological studies suggest that lower systolic blood pressure may be associated with a higher risk of mortality.  The main findings show that there was a terminal decline in systolic blood pressure in the final 2 years of life suggesting that the higher mortality in those with a low SBP shown in non-randomized epidemiological studies might be due to reverse causation.

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Citation: Systolic Blood Pressure Trajectory, Frailty and All-Cause Mortality Over 80 Years of Age. Cohort Study Using Electronic Health Records.