Apply for a Research project grant


Step 1: Please answer the questions in the eligibility quiz before starting your application.   The eligibility quiz is in the drop-down box below. You will be asked to confirm formally that you have done so within the electronic application system.  If you need any advice or are unsure how to respond to any of these questions, please do contact us.

Eligibility Quiz

Does your project address the Trust's objectives and focus for funding, as set out in call documentation?


Does your project address issues relating to cancer or heart disease?


Are you employed by one of the following:

  • a higher education institution (HEI) within the UK;
  • an NHS Trust or hospital; Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); or GP practice which has formal academic links with a higher education institution (HEI) within the UK
  • an independent not-for-profit research organisation (IROs) within the UK which is established to conduct research for the public good and which place results in the public domain?

Will you be the only person working on the project?


Does the team working on the project include a PhD student?

Research project grants are intended for postdoctoral level research. We will however consider projects where a PhD student is working within a larger team with postdoctoral researchers (this would not include a project where the Principal Investigator is supervising one PhD student). In such circumstances you may request a stipend for the time they will spend on the project but we will not cover the  other costs of the studentship.  We have other schemes for PhD level study.

Do you currently hold a grant from the Dunhill Medical Trust as Principal Investigator?


Are you currently named as Co-Investigator on two or more grants from the Dunhill Medical Trust?


Will your budget for the project include an element to cover your salary?


Does the total funding you are seeking from the Trust for the project fall in the range £25k to £300k?


Will you be able to complete the project within 3 years?

Step 2. Now check our current deadlines.  We have 3 funding deadlines per year.

We have a 2-stage application process. All outline applications will be reviewed and scored using a range of criteria based on the Trust’s strategic priorities and the clarity and strength of the proposal.  The lowest scoring, depending on number of applications received will be rejected at this stage.  Successful applicants at the outline stage will be invited to submit a full proposal and proceed to full peer review.  Full proposals, together with the reports of the peer reviewers are then considered by the Research Grants Committee, suitably experienced members of which, will rank the applications using a range of criteria based on the Trust’s strategic priorities, taking into account the expert views.  The highest ranked applications, falling within the funding budget for the round will be recommended to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Step 3: We are an ORCID member organisation and now require all lead applicants for Research project grants to provide an ORCID iD and ensure they have completed the education, employment, funding and publications (ORCID calls these “works”) sections of your ORCID profile before completing an application form on our Grants Management Portal. Applicants who don’t have an ORCID iD can register for one. For help, check our “steps to complete in ORCID” page.

Step 4: If you’re confident that your project meets the eligibility criteria, you can meet the deadlines and have an up-to-date ORCID profile, please now click on “Apply online”. You will be taken to our online Grants Management Portal, where first time users will be asked to create an account before starting the application.  For help, check our “how to” guide and our  frequently asked questions.

We are also a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non-commercial Partner which means that studies carried out in the NHS are eligible for NIHR support.  Please see our frequently asked questions for more information.

Check current deadlines


Register and complete my ORCID profile


Apply online

Go to the Grants Management Portal, register and apply.

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