Trustee role description


Examples of areas of knowledge, skills and attributes which would be of benefit to The Dunhill Medical Trust might include the following:


  • Trends in society’s views or perspectives on the opportunities and challenges arising from an ageing population and the roles of older people within society.
  • The role played by the third sector in support of older people and how the various services offered can be made sustainable.
  • Knowledge and/or experience of activities aimed at facilitating positive contributions to society by older people themselves.
  • Focused areas of experience and/or expertise in one (or more) of the following areas:
    • Academic or clinical leaders in disciplines relating to ageing, geriatric medicine and/or primary care.
    • Those with relevant specialist experience of planning and design of the built environment.
    • Those with experience of delivering innovation in financial support for the community and voluntary sectors.
    • Those from a financial and/or investment management or practitioner background.
    • Those from a legal background.
    • Those from an information technology background.


 Be able to:

  • maintain a rich network to sustain the knowledge and experience offered to the Trust;
  • provide support and advice to the Trustees and officers in the affairs and strategic development of the Trust in relation to ageing and an ageing society;
  • converse beyond your own domain of expertise and to discuss complex and/or intractable problems and contribute to solutions, even if these are not perfectly aligned to your own views.


 Have a real and demonstrable interest in the wider context in which the Trust is working and be willing and able to:

  • demonstrate commitment to the Trust’s charitable objects;
  • understand and grasp new challenges and opportunities and be aware of/be able to manage the risks;
  • contribute to the work and ongoing development of the Trust, not only through regular attendance of Board meetings, but also through sub-committees of the Board, and/or ad hoc ‘task and finish’ group activity, as appropriate;
  • use previous experiences in a relevant manner, whilst at the same time being able to separate oneself from prior allegiances and interests, so that conflicts can be managed openly and transparency guaranteed.

Have an excellent understanding of the role of a Trustee and demonstrate a clear commitment to operating by the standards relating to public life.


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