Introducing our Innovation in Healthy Ageing Fellows

We’re pleased to introduce Dr Aaron Kandola and Dr Mark Crook-Rumsey as our 2023 Innovation in Healthy ageing Fellows.

Aaron and Mark will be supported by Zinc to fully immerse themselves in the world of early-stage innovation and will get to understand what it takes to create research-led, mission focussed companies from scratch.

Dr Aaron Kandola

With a background in psychiatry, public health, and data science, Aaron currently works in health tech and as a post-doctoral researcher at UCL’s MRC unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing where he investigates the onset and progression of mental health symptoms and conditions across the life course. Aaron will look to build on his health tech experience and continue on his path towards transforming evidence-based ideas into sustainable real-world solutions that have a clear and measurable impact.

Dr Mark Crook-Rumsey

Mark is a cognitive neuroscientist with a diverse background in neuropsychology, machine learning, and digital health. He is currently a cross-centre post-doctoral researcher based at King’s College London and Imperial College London where he has been developing a remote monitoring technology for people with neurodegenerative disease. He has a particular interest in using digital solutions to promote healthier, longer lives.

In addition to experiencing life in Zinc’s healthy ageing portfolio companies, Aaron and Mark will join a wider cohort of Innovation Fellows and benefit from a programme of guidance, training and mentorship.

For this programme, all eligible applications were reviewed by the Zinc team with input from Trust staff. Following interviews, recommendations were made to the Research Grants Committee for ratification and the overall success rate for the call was 10%.