Now open: The Ageing Immune System: Call for Research Project Grant proposals

We are pleased to announce that, following on from our seed funding awards on the same topic, we are now looking to support Research Project Grants which will further develop knowledge in this important area.

The ageing immune system was identified by the British Society for Research on Ageing as an underfunded area of great importance. A House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee report on “Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living” also highlighted that “one area which has received less attention is how the immune system changes with age”.[1]

The call is targeted at proposals focusing on areas such as immune system markers, cell/tissue interactions, potential targets for interventions and the use of various methodologies (e.g. “omics”) to build our knowledge on the following topics:

  • The influence of the ageing immune system on the development of frailty – including, but not limited to, the mechanisms, the effects of gender and/or other characteristics etc.
  • The influence of the ageing immune system on cognitive decline and vice versa.
  • The influence of the ageing immune system on the gut microbiome and vice versa – including, but not limited to, any links to age-related issues.

We have allocated £1M to the call, from which we expect to award 2-3 Research Project Grants, although more funding may be available if we receive enough applications of a suitably high quality.

The call will open on 14th November 2022 and the deadline for submission of applications is 20th January 2023. For further details and to apply, please visit our “Apply for funding” page.

[1] Science and Technology Committee, Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living (HL 2019–21, 183) paras 120-126