Eligibility Q&A

Please answer the questions in the eligibility quiz before starting your application. You will be asked to confirm formally that you have done so within the electronic application system. If you need any advice or are unsure how to respond to any of these questions, please do contact us.

For research grant applicants only. If you are a community organisation applying to a community-led scheme, please see the individual call guidelines.

Yes – We try to prioritise areas which are under-funded or are not associated with significant, dedicated national or international charities so we exclude projects with a focus on cancer. Your proposal is therefore unlikely to be eligible – please check the focus of the call for which you are applying.

No – Your proposal is likely to be eligible.

Yes – You may not be eligible to apply. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

No – Applications led by less experienced Principal Investigators (PI) will not be precluded and indeed are encouraged. We would, however, expect to see at least one experienced Co Investigator named as an applicant and that there are plans for the mentoring, support and development of the PI. There is space on the application form to enable you to outline this support.

Yes – It’s unlikely that you’ll be eligible to apply. But please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

No – You are eligible to apply.

Yes – Applications must be aligned to the objectives of the call to be considered. Please check the call details.

No – Unfortunately, we are unable to accept speculative applications. You can check to see if we’re open to applications – and the themes of the applications by going to our “open calls and applications” page. 

  • a higher education institution (HEI) within the UK;
  • an NHS Trust or hospital; Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); or GP practice which has formal academic links with a higher education institution (HEI) within the UK
  • an independent not-for-profit research organisation (IROs) within the UK which is established to conduct research for the public good and which place results in the public domain.  

Yes – you are eligible to apply. 

No – If you work for another type of organisation, you are unlikely to be eligible. Please check the guidelines for the specific call for  any exceptions.

Yes – We do not provide grants for individuals, other than via PhD studentships or post doctoral fellowships, for which we expect a suitable supervisory team to be in place as co-applicants.

No – We will provide project grant funding for suitably constructed teams of two people or more. We prefer to fund multi disciplinary projects. For grants to individuals, e.g. PhD studentships or fellowships, we expect a suitable supervisory team to be in place as co-applicants.