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Helping care homes to cope with change

Organisational resilience is key to enabling care homes to adapt to the many changes they face, whilst still delivering good care to their residents. In this blog post, Dr Al Ross from the University of Glasgow explains what resilience ‘looks like’ in the context of care homes and what factors contribute to it.

Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers - Funder Action Plan

Concordat action plan published

The Trust has published a new action plan, detailing how it intends to meet its commitments as a signatory of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

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Making sure that digital innovations in care work for older people

Last month, we published a post about the work being led by Dr Gemma Burgess at the University of Cambridge. Here, Gemma, and colleague Dr Phoebe Stirling talk about their findings, and, in particular, how we define success in providing advanced telecare to older people and how this affects views of outcomes.

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From standstill to ‘splatter’ – helping out during the pandemic

Nadia Rostami is a Research Associate at Newcastle University and works on the DMT-funded project A Prebiotic Approach to Control Periodontitis, led by Dr Nick Jakubovics. Here, Nadia shares some of the vital work she has been doing to inform the re-opening of student dental clinics post-lockdown.