Launch of DMT Academy

We’re creating a community of leaders and aspiring leaders in the understanding of ageing and age-related disease and evidence-led development of services, policies, products and interventions that improve our  experience of later life. So if you’re looking for an expert on a particular topic, research collaborator or perhaps a mentor or PhD supervisor, read on…

The experience of the last three years has reinforced to us all the importance of creating and fostering networks of support, celebrating success and providing safe and supportive spaces to learn and explore solutions to the many challenges that exist in these important areas of work.  Conversations with existing professional membership organisations such as the British Geriatrics Society, the recently-formed BBSRC-MRC funded ageing networks and other groups have highlighted an appetite, not to duplicate existing networks, but to provide a forum for connecting people working in a range of professions and disciplines, to:

  • celebrate success, achievement and ambition in ageing-related research;
  • create a supportive place to find new collaborators, mentors and advisors;
  • facilitate better understanding and foster relationships between academic and clinical researchers and community organisations working with older people;
  • sustain existing and nascent networks for the longer term to avoid duplication and reinvention.

As a funder with a charitable mission, we are keen to provide ways in which we can help researchers to amplify their findings, translate research into practice, to make new connections and to showcase and encourage the key principles we wish to encourage and uphold in ageing-related research and in delivering health and social care services to older people.

We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of the DMT Academy.  

As an Academy member, you will have access to:

  • a growing searchable portal of other researchers and research-ready community organisations with an interest in age-related research
  • advance notice of future funding schemes and member-only schemes
  • a platform for advertising job vacancies
  • professional development opportunities
  • networking and shared learning events
  • opportunities to sit on (or observe) grant award panels.

Academic and clinical researcher members will also become eligible to be nominated for our annual Excellence Awards and Community Members will have the chance to apply to our re-vamped Capability Development programme – about which we’ll be announcing details later this year.

Read more about how to join.