How to make your research open with Europe PMC

Europe PubMed Central (PMC) is an open global database of life science publications and preprints hosted by the European Bioinformatics Institute. Europe PMC is endorsed and supported by a group of research funders, including the Dunhill Medical Trust, RNID, Alzheimer’s Society and many others, as their repository of choice.

Europe PMC funders have open access policies that outline how research outputs arising from the research they have funded should be made freely and readily available. Europe PMC have recently held a webinar to explain how researchers can make their research open using Europe PMC.

This webinar is suitable for any life science researchers who wish to learn more about how they can make their research open using Europe PMC and the benefits of including publications and preprints in Europe PMC. No prior knowledge is required.

To access the webinar, click this link.