Associate Principal Investigator Scheme

Your study may qualify for participation in the NIHR Associate Principal Investigator Scheme.

This free initiative is designed to cultivate future Principal Investigators among health and care professionals while providing additional support for study delivery at sites. By enrolling your study in the scheme, you can unlock numerous advantages. Not only does it provide opportunities to enhance the skills of your workforce and bolster awareness of clinical research, but it also offers invaluable assistance in study delivery. Research indicates that sites with an Associate Principal Investigator recruit up to three times more participants than those without.

Alternatively you may want to apply to be an Associate Principal Investigator or know someone who does. The scheme is aimed at clinical staff who wish to gain skills and experience in participating in NIHR Portfolio research and to provide them with formal recognition of the contribution they have made over and above the standard expectations of their role.

For further details regarding the scheme visit the Associate PI Scheme website linked here.