Understanding ageing biology to improve the health of older people

The UK Ageing Network (UKANet) is made up of 11 interdisciplinary ageing research networks, bringing together researchers and stakeholders from different disciplines to better understand the biological mechanisms of ageing and their impact on human health.

Funded by BBSRC and MRC, the networks aim to promote research to address health inequalities, improve health resilience, and increase health and quality of life in older age. Members include ageing researchers spanning multiple academic disciplines as well as other stakeholders including health care practitioners, industry and biotech, policy makers, funders, 3rd sector and the public.

The networks seek to:

  • build UK capacity in ageing research
  • facilitate new collaborations (within the UK and with international partners)
  • stimulate new research
  • promote knowledge exchange of ageing research.

You can read more about the work of the individual networks here: